Dan Croke “Precious Antiques”

An antique is a precious item perceived to have historical or aesthetic value, and usually defined as at least 150 years old, though the word is frequently used loosely to cover any object which is older. Historically, objects considered to be authentic have been passed down through families for generations, with each generation applying a

Dan Croke “Antiques are not only for the rich”

Antiques are not only for the rich anymore! It’s time for everyone to get in on some antique finds. Whether you’re looking for antiques for your own personal collection or you want to turn a profit on antiquated items, it’s important to know how to spot an authentic antique from a fake.   If you’re

Dan Croke “passionate about antiques”

Many people are passionate about antiques. Some even make a living from it, while others just collect them. When you have antiques in your home, you have to take special care of them. Antiques have value, especially if they have been in your family for generations, so that makes them very precious. Some places you