Dan Croke “passionate about antiques”

Many people are passionate about antiques. Some even make a living from it, while others just collect them. When you have antiques in your home, you have to take special care of them. Antiques have value, especially if they have been in your family for generations, so that makes them very precious. Some places you could sell your antiques to are: in garage sales, online, to antique stores, or to collectors (especially if you’re part of an antique club).


In this post, I will guide you on how to price your antiques, how to find antique prices listed on the internet, and what antiques to leave alone, what to put in your garage sale, what to collect, and what to leave out. The first thing we should learn is the difference between collectibles and antiques. Collectibles are items that are not in use anymore but might be found in old homes, on old bookshelves, or in the thrift stores. Antique items are those that were made or manufactured in the last years.


Now, the next thing you need to know is where to get them, how to spot fake antiques from the real deal, where and how to price them, and what to leave behind, what to collect, and what to leave out. To get started with all that, go online and research the types of antiques you would like to add to your collection. Some of the most common antiques include books, china, furniture, lamps, jewelry, mirrors, and vases. The website Flippa has a great antiques gallery with pictures and descriptions of the items available for purchase. On Flippa there are also forums dedicated to answering questions that you may have, and collectors that are interested in particular aspects of certain eras or themes of antiques can create forums so that collectors can discuss their items and share their knowledge.